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Throne Away
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From pop cover band wannabes to blenders of heavy music and melodic vocals, Throne Away was formed in the middle of 2003 as a side project for four individuals who were not only in different bands but who also came from different musical backgrounds. Soon, Throne Away became the primary band for all the members and in February 2004, they recorded a 2-song demo entitled More Than Knowing Nothing. From then on, the band wrote, rehearsed and performed more material and eventually recorded the mini-album/EP This Accident Was Meant To Be from December 2004 till March 2005 at Sonique Productions with Nick Lee at the helm. The mini-album consists of 7 songs that show the bands diversity as well as originality. With a blend of each members influence such as punk, metal, pop, modern rock and the whole post-hardcore movement, Throne Away created this 7-song mini-album with intent of diversity and in the fashion of pop-hardcore. The recordings helped Throne Away land a deal with indie label @19 records in May of 2005. Shortly after the completion of the album, the band was hit by a line-up change. Throne Away had to part ways with former vocalist Ahmad Izwan and bassist Ross Cheong due to undisclosed reasons. This did not hinder the bands drive to keep playing in hopes of achieving more in the Malaysian music scene.

The New Year (2006) meant a new start for Throne Away. The band is now armed with new members in the form energetic lead singer Emir Syazwan and talented bassist Hiroaki Maekawa. The new members chemistry with drummer Rudy Khaw and guitarist Ian Koren has led Throne Away to higher musical capabilities and even more diverse stylings than before (add jazz, fusion and funk to the already diverse influence list above). 2006 also marks the start of new musical approaches and writing for Throne Away. Eager to write their debut album and follow-up to This Accident Was Meant To Be, Throne Away have already begun with the song writing process. Ever since its formation in 2003, Throne Away has never looked back with things always turning up a notch. Theres no doubt that this accident was meant to be.