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Lucy in the Loo
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A Female fronted band playing Indie Power Pop formed in Bangi in 2001.
Originally comprising of 3 Lucys, original drummer Lucy left and was replaced by Luqman. who also sings and plays guitars for the notorious Bangi band called bandbo_doh.

Sweet vocals, catchy guitars, simple rhythms. KLUE once reviewed and said that

" .....the pop party kicked off with three-piece Lucy In The Loo. A five-song set revealed this raw but ready female-fronted band to be as charming as lead singer Hana's voice, culminating in their last pop tune "Loser Lullaby" that boasted hooks as irresistable as its song title was appealing. Here's hoping their demo gets released next year." (KLUE, 19 December 2003)

Well.......That was the 'huru hara' story, now the real story:

lucy in the loo started out as a garage band, in early 2001, jamming when they had the free time and going to school at the same time. being a 3 peice band at first, the 3 of them met in school and discovered each other's love for the same type of music and decided to play music together. after 2 sleepy years, they started to get active when they got involved with a split ep project with Elmkids. A few months later, they got their very first gig and has been playing here and there ever since. growing up, the Hana listened to a whole lot of indie power pop tunes, like ash, weezer and letters to cleo and later influenced her in writing songs in the earlier days of the band. after being exposed to some lo-fi indie rock bands from the us, her influence started to change as she started to listen to Pond, Built to Spill, Modest Mouse and some other indie rock bands, which also has changed the sound of lucy in the loo in a way, but still has their distinct original sound preserved. With Hana as their
front girl on vocals and guitars, Allia on bass, Syukri on Rythm Guitars (our new member!) and Luqman on drums, lucy in the loo which once started out as an all girl band, is still considered a girl band because of Hana, the frontgirl who is the back bone, the song writer and the founder of the band.

Check out Loser Lullaby and I'll Be Fine here at i-bands and enjoy.
Contact Lucy in the Loo at, for inquieries or for free friendship. we're happy to play gigs if invited.