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Lamepost was formed middle of 2004, when a group of music lover wanted so much to go for gigs despite having a fix regular band. It was actually Lamp Post which mean Tiang Lampu. We dint have any reason to call ourself Lamp Post. It was merely for fun and to be funny in the scene.

Their first show was in PPKS, organized by Saifudin. They were a 3 piece band, which front lined by Charles as 1st guitarist/vocal, Hamilton as bassist and Saifudin as drummer.

After PPKS show, still sticking to the name Lamp Post, Charles got us into a competition organise by Inti College. By sheer luck, without any preparation or constant jamm practise, Lamp Post emerged as champion and video of us was shown in Inti College for weeks.. Yup!! Fucking Lucky Dogs! The band suddenly got a name for itself where public and fan start to recognise Lamp Post as a key player in the local scene industry. Really funny...

Lamp Post will kept on playing as it has always been done since day one.. Truth is, luck will only recognise us if we put our sincere action and definitely for fun, in front of any agendas... Respect to all!

Our current line up is Saifudin(drum) and Hamilton(Guitar, Voc and Bass).