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Nevermind the Hazatsu
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Indeed, this is a very peculiar name for a band. Hailing from Sheffield, they love playing any kind of music that they find enthralling, ranging from ear-shattering metal to mellow acoustic soul - this happens when each band member has a different musical interest. It is really hard to describe the vibe they exude as a band, which can be quite unpredictable and hypnotic, yet impossible to stop any hip-shaking from listening to the melodies they play.

Formed two years ago by guitar fiend Izzy, Nevermind The Hazatsu has evolved through various line-up changes, and seen some good times as well as hard times. So much has happened with the band yet they have not been forgotten by the Malaysian student band scene in Sheffield. Currently, the band also includes Wynn on guitar, M on vocals, John on bass and Farid on the drums. After a few successful homemade demos, they performed live at The GIG @ Sheffield, March 2006.