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The band started in 2002... when ajie left Karbaid to form another band. The first ever line-up for this band is ajie, kaio ( x-crimsonfall), gojoe, farzakh and faiez. Farzakh left the band due to some misconception with our music.Unfortunately ajie have a good bright side as becoming a lecturer at polytechnic somewhere in Sarawak. Later on, we rope in enol (crestfallen & seasons finale) as a guitarist and rusdi (season finale) as a bassist respectively. Currently the band have been working on new songs to be includes in the soon-to-be-release Batu Pahat Compilation. The band have already recorded some tracks in Skudai, Johor back in 2003.
Now, in 2005..... there was a bandmate replacements starting from enol (concentrating on crestfallen & seasons finale) was replaced with iskandar and rusdi (concentrating on seasons finale & his further studies) was replaced with banjoe (karbaid, dijit3lk3lk3l3t3r, Kubika & +KultusKabus).

Banjoe, Faiez Roneo, Iskandal & Maman aren't involved in this band anymore.

Current line-up (August 2006):
Gorejoe - guitar
Kaio - guitar & throat
Rusdie - Bass