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Big Bang
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"And I thought we were wild" - Animal (Anti Nowhere League)

"If Punk is real and Oi! is reality then Big Bang would be the impossible" - Garry Bushell (Sounds journalist)

"I spent my entire political life trying to create a united Asia of peace and harmony only for Big Bang to wreck that dream with their noises" - Abdullah Badawi

"For the record I didn't take my clothes off for Iqbal" - Jennifer Lopez

"I've never thought that there would be such a great Oi!/Streetrock bands from Malaysia. With their boisterous hard-riffed guitar works and streetwise lyrics, I'm pretty damn sure that they'll make their way in the international street music scene in just a couple of months. Well you were talking about Roots & Boots right?" - Mark Brennan (Captain Oi! Records)

"They are a disgrace for Pahang" - DYMM Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah

"We would like to thank Big Bang's Iqbal for helping our company achieve record sales" - Steve Smith (Playgirl)

"They are trying to conquer the world with their Weapon Of Minds Destruction that can be found somewhere in their wicked vocal jingles and loud guitar tunes" - George W Bush

Enough of the gobbledygook comments. Here's how the factual story goes.

Hailed from the East Coast scene, the idea of forming a band formerly comes from 2 siblings (Iqbal & Sham) as early as 1998. However only at the end of 1999 they could managed to find those whore interested to be in their band. Influenced by the local Oi!/Streetpunk heroes such as The Stomper (RIP?) & Revolt Squad which most of the band boys are their own mates, they've decided to join the force to take Oi!/Streetpunk music back to the street of Kuantan again.

Originally known as The Outrage, several months later they've revolutionize the bands name to Big Bang after they've noticed that there's an oversea Death Metal bands by the same name. On the premature years, they've been listening to countless 77's Punk and early 80's British Oi!/Streetrock noise and bollocks which unintentionally influenced them to sounds like one. But after years and years of making music as a piece of their fucked-up life, they started to listen to various music genres ranging from Oi! and Punk Rock tunes to present noise of Hardcore, Rock & Roll, Ska, Metal, Psychobilly, and more. Undoubtedly, listening to assorted music genres makes them slowly changing their perception about music and on the same time makes them on the road to find their own Oi!/Streetpunk identity .

The line-ups have changed more than once. They started as a 4-piece band with Iqbal, Sham, Kong & Johan. Months afterward, Johan decide to call it a day and leave the rest of the bands. Then Hazry join the bands somewhere around 2001 replacing Johans place. Sadly through, months later Kong left the band unnoticed leaving Sham, Iqbal & Hazry only. But they know its not the time to call it a day yet. They keep Oi!in on in nearly every street music gigs/shows around Kuantan. Regularly, they invite Nizam & Epi (Subterfuge, Pin Head, Vicious Brown Kids) to help them smashing the stage. But, things arent going as they all planned. A few months ago Hazry has left them without any prior notice. In-out, in-out they go but things arent gonna deteriorating their unyielding passion on music. Their latest line-ups on 2004 are Iqbal on vocal (and currently he's trying to play rhythm guitar while shitting around; thou he looks dumb enough by doing that), Sham on Drums, Nizam on Lead Guitar, and Epi on Bass. (notice: presently, we're still looking for a bassist as Epi is only a sessionist).

They've played around 10-15 gigs and incalculable jamming sessions/mini gigs. Their first gigs was held somewhere on 2000 at Scandals Discotheque. Although they've been "Oi!"in around for quite a long time, they haven't release any records yet due to some economic and normal life tribulations. But surprisingly, they have the guts to play out their own songs like Guns for Palestine on their shows.

So get up, tight up your boots and gears, Big Bang is here and they really gonna Oi! your arse up!!