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The band's foundation was found way back in 1993,when 5 naive young men had had to agreed that the only way for them to channel their talent and boisterous energy was;MUSIC...going under several names every now and then...the band would play anything, covering mostly from the late 70's and early 80's British punkrock,loads of streetpunk anthem,well-known Oi! numbers and even some few touches on local punk bands this very particular time,all they did was rehearsing covers and screwing gigs were played at that time, since they're not even bothered to record anything yet...nevertheless the band had come with a few decent own materials...and this situation keep on going strong for the next couple of boring years until it was 1996,when most of the bois quit due to other commitments and left Achmed SodD alone to recruit new members...luckily enough some good mates from local streetpunk band Social Reject,Oi! outfit Fighting '94 and even the now already a legend;A.C.A.B gladly chip in to lend a helping hands & boots...with new spirits and enthusiasm they commit themself to enhances Oi!/streetpunk music to the next or better level...well, at least to themself they this time around the band had steadily go under the banner of "Roots 'N' Boots" and already start doing small shows here and there...1997,skinhead & punk became national issues and the government would do anyshites to banned anything or even everything that got to do with the it directly or the other...this is when the band had to go through a long break of hybernation and only shitting around rehearsing and practising own numbers...the band did however recorded 2 songs (Made In Malaysia & We're The Crew) to be featured in one of the earliest M'sian Oi! compilation which is "Oi! It's a Malaysian League" for Strange Culture Records...1998, the band actively start doing shows again...1999, got into a recording deal with Pinn-Up Recs. & start the recording for their debut album which is "Working Class Heroes",it's been released in 2000...from there on, the band start to do small & big shows and gain new fans thru' out the country and recognitions from the worldwide audience...their album even attracts a few European labels and officially DSS Recs. were given the honour to distribute it to the ROTW...2001 & 2002, the band started to work on new songs, which will be featured in their 2nd album and they also did the recording by the end of 2002 up to the 1st halve of 2003..."Young, Loud & Proud" was released later that year and received quite a good feedback and even the bad ones we're workin' so daymn hard for our 3rd Son Of Oi!, maybe we should tease the crowd wif sumthin' erm...cocky?!Hahaha!~