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Sometimes you hear something so familiar, you swear you’ve heard it before, but you just can’t quite place it. When it comes to musical creativity!
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Arghh..malas nak cakap omputih.Influence kitorang memacam.Jadi muzik kitorang pun sebenarnya takda spesifikasi yang tetap.Kitorang punya influence macam The Cure,NOFX,The Gummy-Gummy,The Splatters,Mister Review,Intensified,Laurel Aitken,XPDC(old),Search(old),Xtroverts,Original Unsensored,May(old),Ramones,Rai Ko Ris,Mashroom Attack,Third Wind,Dickhead,Jimmy Eat World, Gaze, Supergrass, The Thermals, Franz ferdinand, Johnny Bravo, Slush... Jadi secara umumnya kitorang taktau apa jenis muzik yang kitorang main.Lu orang la tentukan apa jenis muzik kitorang.