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Jason Vorhees
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Jason Vorhees, Gombak Old School Hardcore band was made in the middle of 2003 when Mohd Firdaus and Mohd Hafiz start practice music just for fun. They play from Hardcore to Grind core just for hobby. After several practice they decide to find more members to complete this band. At that time Mohd Firdaus on vocals and Mohd Hafiz play guitars. After that they found Abdul Hadi to replace Mohd Firdaus position as a vocals. Then, Mohd Firdaus played drums.

In a way to find bassist, they met with Mahathir who can play guitar to play bass. After several practice they complete this band again with invite Khairul Effendy to play bass for change Mahathir position, then Mahathir play guitar. Start from that they decide to give a name for this band, and they agreed to choose Jason Vorhees as their band name. Jason Vorhees, the movie character give a big influenced in their life and a great reason why they choose Jason Vorhees as their band name.

"Jason Vorhees give us spirit to keep struggle fight the demons in our life for make sure our life never been oppressed by the demons. The only way to fight them is all out!! Dont leave anything behind" - Mohd Firdaus

2 months stand together, the line up change again where is Mahathir leave Jason Vorhees to concentrate with his daily life's. Without second guitars, Jason Vorhees stand tough to strive with their mission. So, the current line - up now is Mohd Hafiz - Guitars, Khairul Effendy - Bass, Abdul Hadi - Vocals and Mohd Firdaus - Drums and back up vocals. Sometimes, they invited Ahmad Fadzil from Another Secret (Gombak Screamo Metal) to played second guitars.

"..without second guitars, it doesn't mean that Jason Vorhees must buried alive. We can survive and its going more easy to deal with each other. No misunderstood when we composed a song.." - Mohd Hafiz

With a different music background, they already have a lot of song. With old school root (NY style + '88 style) they composed many of variation song which is influenced from metal to hardcore. By the changing of music trend in Hardcore Scene is not a big deal with them. They still with their root to play Old School HC sound.

Whatever will be happen, Jason Vorhees will stay together and need each other. Jason Vorhees objective is not just about music, but changing social life, politics, friendship, trust, justice, peace around the world, one love, and unity!!! For making this thing happen, Jason Vorhees will stay true with what was they stand, oath and promise!!