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Dirty Divider
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From the very beginning (1998) the Dirty Divider tried to be the nastiest, most brutish punk band of all time - and managed quit nice! Bing(Vocal/Guitar),Rano(Bass), Rudei(drum) were old friends who didn't have much band experience, but that did stop them. Their career did start promising: crushing their firt jamm session. By the year 2000 they had made a serius demo but did not realease them till now because of the bands members problems.

Late 2001Doll(bass) joined the band and followed by Eiba(guitar) and Niezam(drum). Now the Dirty Divider are complete and had release their first demo!
This band has lot influence from local old school bands like Malaria, D.P.S.A and others band like Anti Nowhere League, Buzzcocks!.Punk,Punk Rock are they trademark of playing style.

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