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Shaheed Naz
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I've been producing some tracks with all type of genre (mainly Electronicas) for several years.Most of the genre i've produced are Drum & Bass and Breakbeats.Im still learning about the sound waves and sound mastering.Software for music production such as Reason 2.5(currently using this programme) and Fruityloops are the softwares im using.Now i've included hardwares as well (KORG EMX-1 Electribe and microKORG Syntheziser),but currently still learning on how to use it (for already 3 month).Lastly , im a bedroom DJ for a year , havent had the chance to expose myself to crowds yet except at private parties or just a warm up session.On DJ set im more into Deep House, House and Funky House type of music, or any music that makes people feel sexy....And now the birth of a new DJ..... Shaheed Naz a.k.a. Shirase