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Starting out sometime in the year 1994, Dash Own ;emphasizing on positivism,unity and most importantly D.I.Y ethics,raged as one of the few striving hardcore bands that still exist in the local independent scene from before.Originating from Port Klang and lead by five adventurous and open minded souls,Dash Own went through several phases of development and line up changes. However they still remain playing mellodic new school hardcore with mixtures of old school hardcore and also metal.Among the bands that inspire Dash Own are bands like Strife,Intergrity,Earth Crisis,Stampin Ground,Abhinanda and Chokehold.The band has come out with several releases over the past years and currently in the year 2005 they are working devotionally to complete their upcoming ep.All that energy that comes from Dash Own concurrently mixes sounds with emotions.Dash Own's expressions are not only limited to beats,rhythms and melody but also through their feelings and passions towards life and hardcore.