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i-bands is basically a free band/artist website management and audio hosting service for Malaysian independent bands & artists. i-bands allows them to upload and manage their songs, news, profiles & contact information via a user-friendly interface which requires no prior knowledge of HTML at all (it will help but it's not necessary). We save you the time and headache of building your own website and just let you focus on what you do best... make music!

When we first started out building i-bands, our main objective was to build a simple directory of local indie music and artists. There are a lot of talented musicians out there, but the problem is... we couldn't find them! Searching the net sometimes gave us what we wanted, but most of the time we were given a website with either broken links or the all-too-familiar "Page Under Construction" message on their site! It shouldn't be this way. It's hard enough for us (independent artists) to get discovered out there on the street; we shouldn't make it even harder for people to find and listen to our music.

This is why we came up with i-bands, making it easy for artists to get their songs out and the public to find and enjoy them. After a few months of being live on the net, more and more indie artists and visitors started signing up. And this happened without any serious advertising campaign whatsoever! It simply tells us that people are looking and they are finding what they're looking for here on i-bands. Now, instead of just a directory we have fostered a truly Malaysian indie artists community that's growing at a phenomenal rate!

i-bands is easy to use and the features for the artists will be expanded and fine-tuned as we go along. From time to time, we will also be analyzing the whole website and studying the statistics to finds ways and means of making i-bands better.

What is i-bands?

Started by two friends, the website has been fully operational since January 2004. It is entirely self-funded! The founders share the same ideas and basically agreed to do this as part of their contribution to the local independent music scene. Although there're some limitations that prevent us from being a major operation, there're also a lot of things that can be done within these limitations. i-bands was brought to life not just by bands and artists who've been using our free services, but also by a bunch of talented and well-informed folks who have made i-bands their home on the net! They have been contributing articles and tutorials, handling
reviews, exchanging ideas and generally helping those who're starting out develop their skills and make
better music. Thanks to these kind people for their strong support of i-bands and for making it a more
interesting place to hang out. To find out more about them, just head on to our "Community" section. You can
easily identify these lovely people that we've found to be the real backbone of!


i-bands is actually an offspring project of, the first online presence for the local underground music scene in Malaysia. Malscene started out as a small irc chatroom in the late 1996 and known to many underground kids as a place to hang out with those of the same interest and liking. Over the years malscene has grown from a small chatroom into a full-blown web portal & community known as, serving not only news and information to the underground kids of today, but also offering content syndication to anybody who's interested. The website has been receiving quite a number of hits and currently shares and forwards the traffic to

We'd love to collaborate with others in helping to better promote Malaysian independent music, bands and
artists. If you have plans and ideas that you think we are able to help you out with, just contact us and
tell us what you have in mind.

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