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Rinky Dink
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Rinky Dink started from 1999 with Herry (guitars+vocals), Adam (guitars), Pidut (bass) and Tajul (drums) to express their interest in music. Then, cause a lot of commitment needed between study and music, Tajul and Pidut had left the band to concentrated in their studies. And the empty positions were filled by Amin on bass and Yusri on drums. After a few moments, Apitt replaced Yusri on drums position. Adam left the band when he has some problem that can't be solve. In the middle of 2001, officially the band has named "Rinky Dink" and released the first ever stuff/demo called "Selected Ya Pear" after we saw name at the fruits box. Our band also involved in two compilations 'Lust Minutes Compilation' (2001) and 'Wait Semenet Compilation' (2003) under Stuck Music label. We are playing stuff like Funk, Rock, Metal and lil bit Jazz (maybe??). Nowadays, our bands survives in three members and sometimes invite our close friend as sessionist.