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New song uploaded...
author: melodisaster posted: 26 Jan 2007 06:05 PM
New song from our new demo, now ready for you to listen....

Melodisaster 2.0
author: melodisaster posted: 23 Dec 2006 05:16 PM
The new demo of melodisaster release on 1st January 2007... For more info visit

LAgu kami di "curi"??
author: melodisaster posted: 11 Jun 2006 02:15 PM
Dalam ade satu band/label yg telah mengambil lagu kami...
tanpa persetujuan dari kami...

dan lagu-lagu tersebut adalah :

1) no more [tajuk sebenar no more part ll : lirik/lagu :Dill]
2) destruct day [tajuk sebenar "theory of melodestruction" : lirik/lagu :Dill]

so...kami bukan penciplak lagu org...
kami yang teraniaya....

author: melodisaster posted: 09 Jun 2006 09:13 PM
The songs by Vicerock Access titled "Destruct Day" and "No More" actually are belongs to Melodisaster...

The real titles were "Theory Of Melodestruction" and "No More 2 (from the previous no more)"

And 1 thing... We will release our third demo by the end of this year.. Thanks... n continue to support us... PEACE..!!!

Silence but still work...
author: melodisaster posted: 19 Dec 2005 06:27 PM
Melodisaster now is practicing for the next launch demo... The new website also will be update.
Thanks for supporting us and wait for our next release.. THANKS

Melodisaster at
author: melodisaster posted: 19 Sep 2005 07:34 PM
Melodisaster is now available at, be our friend and something big is waiting for you...

And don't forget to join the group...!!!

Nobody knows we're new wave
author: melodisaster posted: 22 Jun 2005 10:44 PM
Melodisaster new EP Nobody knows we're new wave

Image hosted by


Kurt Cocaine
I'm Fool
My Heart

For more info about this EP please visit:
Melodisaster Official Website

GET IT NOW....!!

The First (demo) 2nd Edition Remastered
author: melodisaster posted: 08 Apr 2005 05:00 PM
Image hosted by


a deux
My Dream
Motherfxxker Song
Lose Myself
She is the one
No More

Want to see us perform...?
author: melodisaster posted: 13 Apr 2005 03:19 AM
We still new in this industry, call us if there is any battle or gig that we can let you hear our song (013-2486848 Aidil )or e-mail us
We have our own way and our own style in bringing the music that we called grunge (the new wave)..THANK YOU

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