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This band is formed back in the year 1997 when the drummer, Temoh (also known as The Death of BAZZAH) approaches Pundi (formerly known as Jorn of CATARRH) to get out of his former band, back to their hometown, Raub to form a new band that they can explore a wider musical perspectives as they’ve invented during CATARRH’s underrated “Nightflight” EP which for Temoh himself, quite irrelevant into CATARRH’s scheme of things. Hence, they’ve decided to call this new band TORCH. In the first phase, TORCH was consists of Pundi (vocals, guitars), Temoh (drums), Din (guitars) and Azzaher (bass). At the same time, Temoh and Azzaher are the core member of BAZZAH. With this line-up, they’ve kick off a gig somewhere at Taman Johor Jaya if i’m not mistaken. Not really a gig than we can proud off due to lots of setbacks!!

Somewhere around April 1998, Pundi can’t give his best at vocal duties anymore and he decided to concentrate solely on his duties on guitar. Temoh brought his x-PURGATORY mate, Jag-A to handle the mic. As far as the band history is concerned, this is actually the first “serious line-up” of the band and it testimonied on the band’s debut mini-CD “State of Unconsciousness” released at the end of the year 1998. With this line-up, the band pull out a disastrous gig at Plentong, JB and other smaller showcase near their hometown and even, at the orang asli’s drinking & dancing fest!!! Meanwhile, together with Pundi and Din, Jag-A also involved during the recording of BAZZAH’s “Death Is All I See” album and this is the moment that Jag-A shown his more interests in BAZZAH and since, get into BAZZAH camp as a full-time screamer! X-BAZZAH vocalist, Opie fill the vacancies left by Jag-A.

The band remains low profile between the year 2000 – 2004 due to family and working commitments but still moves on around the small showcase at their hometown! Opie confessed that he can’t continue his duties with TORCH due to inconsistencies of his working schedule. Therefore, Fazley (also known as Rigor Mortis of BAZZAH) brought Azrin into the TORCH world. With this line-up, they’ve recorded a soon-to-be-released “Nuclear Doom” album! And the song featured here, is taken from this debut album by the band!