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This is Negation from Kuala Lumpur. We have been around since 1992. Our music are angst based - politically inclined amongst other negative elements. We consider ourselves playing Grindcore - different people may have different perception towards our style of music - but hey, we play what we like anyway ! Some of our influences are Napalm Death (of course!), ENT, Brutal Truth, Groinchurn, Voivod, Nasum, Unseen Terror, Ripcord and Terrorizer. Our releases to date are :

1. Just a Fuckin' Damm Rehearsal (jamm studio recording - 1992)
2. Excessive Consumption (demo version - 1995)
3. Grinding You High (jamm studio recording - 2000)

And we plan to be back - louder ! Our next release is still in the planning stage. The band members (still original line-up):

Madie : Guitars
Madec : Vocals
Yore : Bass
Bai : Drums