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1. Band name
- Lastsecond
2.Band Members
a) Syakiff - Guitarist
b) Muaz - Bassist
c) Fred - Vocals
d) Apis - Drummer
3.Type of music
- Heavy Grunge / Alternative
4.Band History
- 'Lastsecond' was formed around 2001, with four band members...Syakiff (guitar), Apis(drummer), Meor(bassist) dan Fred (vocalist) that particular time we're all studied at the same college in K.L. After graduation in 2002 we saperated for about a year untill Syakiff start to call Apis and reformed the band with our new bassist Muaz who is currently studied in the same college with Syakiff at Sunway. We started creating and practicing our songs ever since, this happens in early 2005, and then in May 2005 we were thinking about getting serious in music and suddenly Syakiff came out with an idea to make a demo. We started to practice harder and we gather our ideas to modify all our songs that was written by Syakiff. Finally we started to record our songs in June 2005 and release our very first demo in July 2005.
8. Contact
019-347 6075 (syakiff)

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