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Suicide Illusions
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Gary's Premonition...
author: Gary Bui posted: 03 Jul 2005 05:58 PM
been depressed and working too long on this one.. but i do hope u guys like it. it's an abstract experimentation on my guitar wearing an indianish undergarment and some dark trip - hop genre. K, here's the link :

i know this song is very long winded, i do suggest that feel free to download it so that you guys can listen to it smoothly. k, i'm out. Hope you guys enjoy my songs and Thanks a lot for the supportS all these while. Much Respect and Appreciate for the ears. Cheers and Keep Rockin! = ) - Bui

Thank you everyone.
author: Gary Bui posted: 28 May 2005 09:42 AM
Sorry for being MIA for quite some time. I got lost in music somewhere. I'm not sure when i'll be get back on my music but thanks for support and here we go :

working on sound collage with the theme of Childhood. Try make it in abstract way of telling a story of an agoraphobic childhood.

once again, thanks for the support and we'll get in touch soon.

Gary Bui.

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