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Dirt Wash - formed by three guys who (1 of which is still residing/working in his mundane hometown, 1 still studying the great art of sound engineering, and the last dude works somewhere in Ipoh..), made some recordings in their humble home studio afterwhich were made available/crucifiable on iuma few years back.

As of September 2004, the only new material that was made/written since last year is the track 'Machines'. An associate of Dirtwash, the side project fronted by dude #2 (refer 1st paragraph) , Matrice is also featured elsewhere on i-bands, producing mostly technical instrumental tracks.

Early influences include Nirvana, Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam and Smashing Pumpkins.Now,most of the members dwindle in diverse listenings of metal, funk metal, indie and folk music. And yeah Dritwash loves the locals as well, the following bands have influenced/really made an impression on them:
LYME, Love Me Butch, Scandel 26, My Pet Alien, Butterfingers, and Unabashed.

During their time in high school, Dirt Wash (then known by some obscure name), jammed about in studios situated in their small town where grunge and punk was all the rage. Most of their covers during those times consisted of a mix of Nirvana, Pearl Jam and even Oasis.

It was those jamming sessions that gave them their first ever gig (with a slightly average audience). Even though all the tracks that they played were grunge numbers, the ferocity of their live performance misled people to believe that they were a hardcore band.

Currently, Dirt Wash has matured more towards hard rock and enjoys experimenting with different styles in their songs.

Hope you enjoy the music made and thanks for the support.Comments and brickbats welcomed