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Past Tense:-
Started in 1999, Elmkids consisted of Adyr, Dayneil, Zahid (still survive) and
Ned. Recorded EP in 2000, managed to sell around 1000 copies nationwide
thru some stores and friends. Played some gigs, recorded many songs (which
many of them will never be released), Elmkids has since become 'so-so'. Adyr,
Dayneil and Zahid are still in the band and got helped from friends if they
perform at gigs. Recorded few songs again during 2001-2003 period and just
recently managed to release them.

Thanks to all these kids; Ned, Meme, Non, Mail, So`oi, Anchoi, Aidil and Nana
for playing with us.

Present Tense:-
Elmkids/Lucy in the Loo (9 songs in total), and Elmkids/Couple (6 songs) are
available now. Prices may vary, depends on who you get the CD from. Playing
gigs around? Not yet as Zahid is still studying and deciding his future.

Future Tense:-
Expect to see us next year, expect us to have full length next year,
expect us to be busy next year. Just can't promise anything now as all of us
are damn busy. We just keep the dreams with us. We love the band, we love
our songs.. it's just a matter of time. You will see the 3 faces again, with
additional 1 or 2 extras. Anyway, we are looking for permanent line-ups, so if
you think you can offer something nice for us, let us know.