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Colours Without Ink
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Colours Without Ink was formed at the end of 2003.The band started with only 3 line up, PEJA, AJIB and KEROLL. Its just for fun. Then KEROLLs friend at BMI, YUSS invited him to form the new band that will take seriously into music. The new lines-up started to jam with a few cover songs from oversea and some local bands song. After a few weeks, they decided to find the new bassist to replace PEJA as he had to move as bands vocalist. ONE came to take place as the new bassist. Then, they tried to jam with the new bassist (ONE). Year 2004 was the year that needs more concentration as the band are planning to make its first demo. All songs were created and idealized by their own. They gathered at Friday till Sunday at PEJA and KEROLL homes to discuss about band and practice by using with only 2 kapok guitars. They started to jammed with their own songs on May, 2004. Sonic Station Studio at Sri Damansara was the first choice for band to jam every week. With all the commitment and patient, the band finally is ready to record their first demo at October. Although it was so hard on that month (Ramadhan) and take a few days, they still give the best for the first demo recording session. It was the first experience recording session for the band. Multitrack recording is the band choice to record their first demo with some help from brother Fairuz. They chose multitrack recording because of its quality sound given. The recording session takes 3 weeks (1 week recording + 2 weeks mixing). The band got its name while watching television series(PEJA). So then came Colours Without Ink. After the recording was done, and the demo was out, the band spread and sells the demo to their friends and selected shops mainly in Pertama Complex. The band received so many comments and harsh critics from people all around. But the band stayed together to improve their music. To all who havent heard this bands music yet.. Go and buy the cds. Then you will know how good or bad this band sounds. At the end 2005, the band finally is ready to record their second demo with new drummer. The band decided to change their drummer and SOFIE come to take place as the new drummer. The band second demo was recorded at Art X-site, Ampang. For this second demo, five song out. So if you like to get it, find it at Pertama Complex, Campbell Complex or Order by e-mail ( Thats all I can give right now. Thanks for reading..Wait for The next Material Soon... (",)

Check out Reborn(In This Misery) & Drowning Within This Fear at OUR MYSPACE [ ] and enjoy.
Contact Colours Without Ink at OR, for inquieries or for free friendship. we're happy to play gigs if invited.