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Myo left skyjuicecoffee for good.
author: skyjuicecoffee posted: 11 Apr 2007 01:52 PM

Former vocalist and guitarist of skyjuicecoffee, Myo have decided to quit the band and uproot for good. He is going to further his studies in Master of Tourism Business in Zurich, Switzerland.

skyjuicecoffee will still be writing more rocking tunes in near future and new line-up is still on searching to replace the task of being a vocalist as well as the guitarist for the band.

The band was on track by Myo last 2002 and finally he came to an end with the band on March 9th, 2007 as to ponder his studies and his future career. The band has been strongly established for the past 4 years by attending countless of gigs, shows and media coverage from newspaper's interviews and local radio station. Do check out for more updates of the band at and to get in touch with Myo at

Good luck to Myo and long live skyjuicecoffee!

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skyjuicecoffee's UPCOMING SHOWS 2007!
author: skyjuicecoffee posted: 18 Jan 2007 04:13 AM
Function : The Gondrong Returns (New Year's)
Venue : The Annexe, Central Market, KL
Date : Monday, 1st January 2007
Time : 9pm onwards
Entry : FREE!
Feat : skyjuicecoffee, tongkat, hujan, fathullistiwa soundscape, m. jayzuan, azmyl yunor and many more special acts like pak a. samad said etc.

Function : Let's Moen Tonight
Venue : KL Jam Asia, Hartamas, KL
Date : Thursday, 4th January 2007
Time : 8pm onwards
Entry : RM 8
Feat : skyjuicecoffee, the fugitives, telephony delivery, my 496, antarez and indka. brand new cool gadgets from china is on promotion called MOEN. organized by guitar store hartamas.

Function : Buy A Drink Gig!
Venue : KL Jam Asia, Hartamas, KL
Date : Thursday, 18th January 2007
Time : 9pm onwards
Entry : 1st drink and enjoy the musics!
Feat : skyjuicecoffee, auburn and the sofa sessions. a 45mins set each band. we'll be playing some brand new materials like castlefort, wicked offspring, straightline plus old stuff like losing melody, selamanya and idiotic game!

Function : Layar Tanchap Kolaborasi
Venue : Galleri Seni Artport, Shah Alam
Date : Friday, 26th January 2007
Time : 9pm onwards
Entry : FREE! (Bring your tikar and bantal)
Feat : skyjuicecoffee, tongkat, senja, hujan, house in exile and many more. presented by layar tanchap and bangkit. an art event with special acoustical performances by local acts.

Function : Private Is A Privilege
Venue : Awakening Studio, KL
Date : Sunday, 4th February 2007
Time : 3pm onwards
Entry : RM 8 (by invitation only)
Feat : skyjuicecoffee, telephony delivery, mushbuttons, evert and klaronika as the opening band.

Function : College Band Nights
Venue : KL Jam Asia, Hartamas, KL
Date : Wednesday, 7th February 2007
Time : 8pm onwards
Entry : FREE!
Feat : skyjuicecoffee and creamson. a 45mins set each band. keep the rock rocking and the roll rolling all night long people!

Function : Indie-licious
Venue : KL Jam Asia, Hartamas, KL
Date : Saturday, 10th February 2007
Time : 8pm onwards
Entry : RM 10
Feat : skyjuicecoffee, project ei8ht, crosstown traffic, ig collective, telephony delivery, pg 165 and edward gomez

Function : Electric Fridays
Venue : Muse Bar, Weld Tower, Bukit Bintang, KL
Date : Friday, 16th February 2007
Time : 9pm onwards
Entry : FREE!
Feat : skyjuicecoffee as the opening band!

Function : UO Family Day
Venue : Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Bangi
Date : Saturday, 17th March 2007
Time : 9pm onwards
Entry : FREE!
Feat : skyjuicecoffee as the guest band!

Function : Sunday Rock
Venue : Vinyl DC, Malacca
Date : Sunday, 29th April 2007
Time : 9pm onwards
Entry : RM 15
Feat : skyjuicecoffee with telephony delivery and the bottles


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New Songs Uploaded
author: skyjuicecoffee posted: 03 Sep 2006 05:07 AM
Hello everyone!

Here's some updates on our newly recorded numbers recently and they are available for listening at and

They are Idiotic Game, Waits of Never Tomorrow and Selamanya which we did some modification on that particular malay song. Hope you guys will love 'em all as we did enjoyed 'em.

Do catch our shows coming really soon after Ramadhan and Aidilfitri obviously by January 2007 of course and expect some new tracks that we've currently working on with especially our soon-to-be 6th Demo album/EP.

Have a nice day people!

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New Song Uploaded
author: skyjuicecoffee posted: 16 Aug 2006 05:43 PM

It has been years since I posted new numbers for your ear pleasure and now we're back with more new stuff in our myspace page at

Here in, I've uploaded our brand new single after the successness of Losing Melody which is now air-play on X-Fresh FM 103.0. Hopefully this song will suits your ears and it will bring more listeners to our band. With a title called "Idiotic Game"...



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skyjuicecoffee's UPCOMING SHOWS!
author: skyjuicecoffee posted: 10 Jul 2006 06:56 AM
Function : Gig Guide Magazine Launching
Venue : Paul's Place, Old Klang Road, KL
Date : Friday, 21st July 2006
Time : 8pm onwards
Entry : RM 15
Feat : skyjuicecoffee and other great bands!

Function : Pesta Bintang Launch Party
Venue : Tunestone Entertainment, Klang
Date : Saturday, 22nd July 2006
Time : 1pm onwards
Entry : RM 10
Feat : skyjuicecoffee, cheio, criedbaby, vigil, blusterd, battlegrounds, radio carbon, slunk, cannaris, fish tank harry, dolly the sheep, herman, starwick, marigold and melodisaster!

Function : Rock Safe
Venue : KL Jam Asia Cafe, Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur (Behind Maybank)
Date : Saturday, 12th August 2006
Time : 8pm onwards
Entry : RM 20
Feat : skyjuicecoffee, tempered mental, milla, project eight and many more!

Function : A Night In Heaven
Venue : Heaven Cafe, The Curve Damansara (The Street)
Date : Thursday, 24th August 2006
Time : 6pm onwards
Entry : RM 15
Feat : skyjuicecoffee, agensi nombor ramalan, milla, plush, split ends, daydream and many more!

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A Night To Remember Tonight at Little Havana [KL]
author: skyjuicecoffee posted: 21 Jun 2006 02:30 AM

skyjuicecoffee's UPCOMING SHOWS!
author: skyjuicecoffee posted: 20 Apr 2006 07:12 PM

Function : Punx Unite
Venue : Countach Studio, Taman Universiti, JB
Date : Sunday, 14th May 2006
Time : 1pm - 7pm
Entry : RM 5
Feat : skyjuicecoffee, plague of happiness, fags and stoned, the liberals, carbon 4 teen, no territory and priceless stupid box

Function : Spread Your Wings & Fly
Venue : Bacteria Records HQ, Ipoh
Date : Saturday, 27th May 2006
Time : 5pm - 1am
Entry : RM 15 (RM 10 for Rottwailers)
Feat : skyjuicecoffee, incarnation, the daily show, xlumbrahx, spina bifida, the great pee wee herman collapse, inikah hidup, violet gray, teenage glory for the wasted, vendetta and gritty floors

Function : Complete Controll
Venue : Bacteria Records HQ, Ipoh
Date : Sunday, 28th May 2006
Time : 3pm - 11pm
Entry : RM 15 (RM 10 for Rottwailers)
Feat : skyjuicecoffee, tears are blood, little girl terrorist, myra, foes, mawaris, 16k, cannaris, april, devillica, nervedeless, bleeding mascara and rime illusion

Function : Distorted Portrait of Picasso in A Child
Venue : Little Havana, KL
Date : Friday, 2nd June 2006
Time : 7pm - 12am
Entry : RM 10
Feat : skyjuicecoffee, 13 tribes, stonebay, beat the system, milla, infiltrated, project eight and the fridays

Function : World Press Freedom Day 2006
Venue : Central Market, KL
Date : Saturday, 3rd June 2006
Time : 12noon - 6pm (our slot is at 3pm)
Entry : Free
Feat : skyjuicecoffee, carburetor dung, fathullistiwa soundscapes, grape, asna, project eight, peter brown, nao, lurks, farasu, mushbuttons, superbar, flow, revenge, applecreed, y2k, broken scar, stonebay, ben's bitches, 360 degree head rotation, two foot candle and negation

Function : Revenge of the Independents
Venue : Paul's Place, Old Klang Road
Date : Saturday, 10th June 2006
Time : 2pm - 10pm
Entry : Please contact for 016-3037308 for entry passes!
Feat : skyjuicecoffee, ben's bitches, spunky funggy, civil disorder, limited garden, asna, faraday, the fridays, neuphoria, relic, psyrosix not forgetting mixing red and blue

Function : Fete De La Musique
Venue : Telawi Street, Bangsar, KL
Date : Saturday, 17th June 2006
Time : 12noon - 11pm
Entry : Free
Feat : skyjuicecoffee and other awesome bands, singers and songwriters!

Function : Launching of Giggers
Venue : Giggers Cafe (Below Paul's Place)
Date : Friday, 30th June 2006
Time : 7pm onwards
Entry : Free of charge!
Feat : skyjuicecoffee in acoustic set along with purple seven, civil disorder, faraday and panda head curry!

Function : Independent Music Showcase
Venue : Tunestone Entertainment, Klang
Date : Saturday, 1st July 2006
Time : 3pm onwards
Entry : RM 5
Feat : skyjuicecoffee, one buck short, projek juta-juta, garaa band, the rhaman project, ben's bitches, 360 degree head rotation, funky doryz, ira, dot and other supporting performances at the end of the show.

Function : Rhythmathology
Venue : Jam Asia Cafe, Hartamas
Date : Saturday, 8th July 2006
Time : 7pm - 1am
Entry : RM 15
Feat : skyjuicecoffee, dragon red, love me butch, deja voodoo spells, a new fall, alcentric, project eight, milla, infiltrated and carbolic smokeballs!

Function : Pesta Bintang Launch Party
Venue : Tunestone Entertainment, Klang
Date : Saturday, 22nd July 2006
Time : 1pm until finish
Entry : TBA
Feat : skyjuicecoffee, cheio, criedbaby, vigil, blusterd, battlegrounds, radio carbon, slunk, cannaris, fish tank harry, dolly the sheep, herman, starwick, marigold and melodisaster!

Function : Hari PIBG SMK Dato' Ahmad Razali
Venue : SMK Dato' Ahmad Razali, Ampang (Near Ampang Point Shopping Mall)
Date : Saturday, 29th July 2006
Time : 1pm Onwards
Entry : TBA (RM 6)
Feat : skyjuicecoffee is playing as the guest band for SMK Dato's Ahmad Razali's PIBG Day!

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Gigs Slot!
author: skyjuicecoffee posted: 22 Nov 2004 01:20 AM
Regards from Sky Juice Coffee!

Contact us at or if u guys need skyjuicecoffee in your gigs and shows. We would love to ROCK your gigs, shows or what-so-ever shit that is! Hope to experience as many shows as we could!

Cheers and ROCK ON!

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skyjuicecoffee's UPCOMING SHOWS!
author: skyjuicecoffee posted: 17 Mar 2006 06:38 PM
Function : Family Day
Venue : Dataran Kolej Ungku Omar UKM Bangi
Date : Saturday, 18th March 2006
TIme : 7pm - 12midnite
Entry : Free
Feat : skyjuicecoffee, Indrani and 2 representative bands from UNITEN and UKM
Info : Our slot is at 10pm

Function : Troubaganger at La Bodega
Venue : La Bodega Kuala Lumpur
Date : Sunday, 2nd April 2006
Time : 7pm - 12midnite
Entry : RM 5 Only!
Feat : skyjuicecoffee, Fathullistiwa Soundscape, Wei Jun and Couple
Info : Tengkat Tong Shin Road (Behind NOVA Hotel, Near Sg. Wang Plaza)

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skyjuicecoffee In
author: skyjuicecoffee posted: 25 Feb 2005 10:23 PM
Log on to :
Our e-mail is

In that particular account on Myspace, you guys especially the SJC Fans may post up your comments regarding our band. It doesn't matter if it is a compliment or complaint and even suggestion to let us improve in the future. We are really concern on our listener's opinions!

Cheers To All Undergrounders!

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skyjuicecoffee's UPCOMING SHOWS!
author: skyjuicecoffee posted: 31 Jan 2006 03:53 AM
Function : Friends Jamm Session
Venue : Concorde Studio, Klang
Date : Sunday, 5th February 2006
TIme : 3pm - 7pm
Entry : RM 5 Only!
Feat : skyjuicecoffee & etc
Info : Next to Klang Parade (BP Petrol Station)

Function : Doppelganger at La Bodega
Venue : La Bodega Kuala Lumpur
Date : Sunday, 5th February 2006
Time : 7pm - 12midnite
Entry : RM 5 Only!
Feat : skyjuicecoffee, Serenely Serene & etc
Info : Tengkat Tong Shin (Behind NOVA Hotel, Near Sg. Wang Plaza)

Function : UNITEN BOTB
Venue : UNITEN Kajang-Bangi KM 7
Date : Friday, 17th February 2006
Time : 3pm
Entry : Free
Feat : skyjuicecoffee as guest band
Info : Watch-out for our 2 brand new emoish songs Selamanya & Idiotic Game!

Function : UiTM Malacca Acoustic BOTB
Venue : UiTM Malacca
Date : Friday, 24th February 2006
Time : 3pm
Entry : Free
Feat : skyjuicecoffee & d-Va as guest bands
Info : Acoustic set

Function : @19 Records Mainstage
Venue : Little Havana Club
Date : Friday, 3rd March 2006
Time : 7pm - 12midnite
Entry : RM 20
Feat : skyjuicecoffee, Deja Voodoo Spells, Throne Away, Doul, Bau & etc
Info : Changkat Bukit Bintang Road, Kuala Lumpur

Function : Arms With Arms
Venue : Storm Sports Club Seri Kembangan
Date : Saturday, 11th March 2006
Time : 3pm - 9pm
Entry : RM 10
Feat : skyjuicecoffee, Wunderbar, Soul Pop, Geri, Mushbuttons, Garamuffin, Foes, Grittyfloor, Cannaris, The Liberals, Suicide Me Not, Man Of Sin & Spunky Funggy
Info : Near Pasar Borong Selangor in Serdang

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Happy Chinese New Year & Awal Muharam!
author: skyjuicecoffee posted: 01 Jan 2006 05:25 PM

It has been 3 years since this band was formed previously plus along the journey that we've went through, we really fuckin' appreciate to those who were always be there for us, it doesn't matter whether at shows or party or whatever shits that we were up to.

Thanks for your supportive and undying supports which will always and still giving us the energy to move on to the next level seeing that all of us now are already made a huge step of entering the world of 2006 where we hope that every each seconds will be much-much better than the previous moments. Hopefully...

Alhamdulillah that we're still alive, strong and let's all together create a new marks initially to be excellent in music especially, load our minds with more ideas and maximize our production of good stuff. May GOD bless you all and HAPPY NEW YEAR!



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Happy Hari Raya Aidilfitri & Maaf Zahir Batin!
author: skyjuicecoffee posted: 04 Oct 2005 01:37 AM
Assalamualaikum wbt.

skyjuicecoffee (myo,haz & zaf) would like to wish all of you guys especially i-banders and every music-lovers a very wonderful Hari Raya Aidilfitri!

We would like to take this opportunity to apologize and millions of remorseful for anything that we've done since the yesteryears that maybe hurt anyone of you guys plus let us use cherish this Eid Mubarakh celebration by visiting our friends and families to strenghten our existence of strong relationship!

Fair & Square.

Ext : skyjuicecoffee will start gigging again by early of 2006 since that after Hari Raya Aidilfitri we're going to release the X-Fresh Compilation Vol.2 & @19 Records Compilation. Buy the original!


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Belaian Jiwa (Punk Rock Version) Removal
author: skyjuicecoffee posted: 05 Oct 2005 03:48 AM
Best Regards!

We are very sorry to inform that we will have to remove our cover song "Belaian Jiwa (Punk Rock Version)" in our list and of course from the chart after read a notice sent by i-bands admin.

We're hoping that you guys will still support skyjuicecoffee even without the "haunting" track which took place in the chart since last year.

Furthermore, we would like to apologize to the admin of i-bands for any circumstances and predicaments that they're up to since we posted the cover. Plus sorry to the copyrighted original artists for not informing you guys regarding this cover.

For extra information, we are releasing our album by next year under @19 Records with our self-composition tunes and wish that all the music-lovers will love our stuff. Hopefully!

Not forgetting to all Muslimin & Muslimah, Happy Holy Ramadhan!

Thank you!

*Please click below to read the notice that we've received early this week by the i-bands admin.

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Losing Melody Single!
author: skyjuicecoffee posted: 08 Jul 2005 06:19 AM
Regards from us to all music freaks out there!

Our brand new single is now available which is called "Losing Melody" for everyone to taste the new flow of a band called skyjuicecoffee. Some says skyjuicecoffee is just like amorito from body shop. taste last longer! but its you who decide. =)

This song was wrote by Mior right after the succesfulness of "Instant Pleasure" - the super-hype-selling demo all around Malaysian underground scenes. The fresh idea of making and magniloquent alteration by the band, the "Losing Melody" is now out to haunt every each music lovers mp3-list! =P

Check out our up-to-date future shows and gigs at

Ouh... Should you see me here
Should you see me now
I'll keep our promise until the end of time ~
- taken from Losing Melody single songwords

P/s : Never missed all our stuff in here yah, other than Losing Melody, they are; Heartbreaker, Fell In Love, Belaian Jiwa (Punk Rock Version) and etc.

Peace and make POVERTY a HISTORY!

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Fell In Love!
author: skyjuicecoffee posted: 19 Mar 2005 10:18 PM
The most happiest moment for us currently is our 1st track from our 4th demo, "Instant Pleasure" which is the "Fell In Love" was chosen by the REDROTTW 104.9 to be one of the best DIYs in their DIYs Chart! Thanks to Abang Rom again for supporting us as well to all other bands from every each boundary in Malaysia!

Check out the Bumper 100th issue of the ROTTW magazine at all stores right now to discover the Petaling Jaya Music Community (PJ Scene)

Peace out!

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Instant Pleasure?
author: skyjuicecoffee posted: 23 Dec 2004 02:57 AM
Our 4th demo album which called "Instant Pleasure" are already available for you guys to taste our very own ideas in making music.

01 Fell In Love
02 Start Again
03 Something New
04 Heartbreaker
05 Belaian Jiwa (Punk Rock Version)

Just send an envelope with your name and address, setem and RM9 to :

Sky Juice Coffee
No. 42 Jalan SS 7/5
47301 Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan

Any problems just call Mior Luqman Hakim at 0123515090
And now you could experience the quality of our pop punk rock products!


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skyjuicecoffee's SHOWS!
author: skyjuicecoffee posted: 21 Sep 2005 04:41 AM
Function : skyjuicecoffee SHOWCASE
Venue : DDIC Jamming Cafe, Plaza Suria Damansara Damai, Sungai Buloh
Date : Saturday, 24th September 2005
Time : 10pm onwards
Entry : Free
Feat : skyjuicecoffee!
Contact : Hasbee 012-2575424

Function : THINK Online Roadshow
Venue : The One Acadamy, Sunway City (Near Sunway Pyramid)
Date : Wednesday, 28th September 2005
Time : 12.30noon & 1.30pm (2 slots)
Entry : Free
Feat : skyjuicecoffee!

Function : MOSHFEST 2005
Venue : Tunestone Entertainment No. 31C Lorong Kepayang, Klang Town
Date : Saturday, 1st October 2005
Time : 2pm onwards
Entry : RM 5 Only!
Feat : Side Circle, Brain Head, Two Side To A Story, Decibel, Insecure, Truth Lies, Rinky Dink, Bluster and of course skyjuicecoffee!

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We're Under One Family
author: skyjuicecoffee posted: 16 Sep 2005 04:15 AM

Venue : Paul's Place, Old Klang Road, KL
Date : Saturday, 24th September 2005
Time : 2pm - 10pm
Entry : $10
Contact : Ashraff 016-3037308

Featuring bands :

Spunggy Funggy
The Liberals
The Transpotting
The Fridays
The Afflicts
Dirty Dummy
Civil Disorder

Let's Party!

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Battle It Out 2005 Grand Final
author: skyjuicecoffee posted: 07 Aug 2005 04:37 PM

After we won 1st Place during the Preliminary Round at UiTM Shah Alam plus RM300 cash! Honestly, since the band was shaped back in highschool 2 years back,this is the first time skyjuicecoffee joined and won 1st Place in a huge battle of the bands event!

With the attractive prize which is RM50k of recording contract, a LP trophy and snacks-hamper given by the @19 Records and supported by X-Fresh and Malaysia Colleges really made us speechless and fcuk we didn't expect that we going to win that event. Other 14 bands were awesome!

Venue : Dataran Cendekia, UiTM Shah Alam
Date : Sunday, 18th September 2005
Time : 11am until 6pm
Entry : Free

Thanks for those who came and be our crowd! Enjoy our stuff!

'Till we meet again!

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Sabtuday Rock Fever
author: skyjuicecoffee posted: 16 Jun 2005 03:22 AM
The Waterfall Crew Brings You..

With special performances by :

Cik Payong
Sky Juice Coffee
Brain Head
The Sleeping Satellite
Hocus Pocus

Venue : Paul's Place (Jalan Klang Lama, KL)
Date : Saturday, 10th of September 2005
Time : 12noon until 7pm
Entry : RM13
Transport : From Kotaraya or Central Market just take METROBUS, INTRAKOTA or CITYLINER to JALAN KLANG LAMA

*RM10 door fees for first 20 persons
*Free Soft Drink Each
*DIY stuff are available and most welcome

Contact Mior at 012-3515090 for any inquiries!
(See flyers below)

Let's ROCK the stage!

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skyjuicecoffee at La Bodega KL
author: skyjuicecoffee posted: 05 Aug 2005 02:12 AM

For the first time ever, skyjuicecoffee will be performing an acoustic set in public at La Bodega Restaurant & Pub in KL in conjunction with Doppelganger "Open Mic Session" and Troubadours "Singer Songwriters Live"

Venue : La Bodega, Tengkat Tong Shin, 50200 KL (Behind NOVA Hotel)
Date : Sunday, September 4th & 18th, 2005
Time : 8pm onwards
Fee : FREE Entry (from 7pm to 11pm)

*Limited spaces so be early!
*Also other great performances by other singer/songwriters!
*DIY cds are available! (Releases of our brand new single!)

So just relax, have a cool drinks, puff of cigarettes and enjoy our show!


RMK : Thanks to the Troubaganger Group for this great opportunity! ROCK ON!

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Hello There Mr Punk! [Vol. 2]
author: skyjuicecoffee posted: 10 Aug 2005 08:52 PM
FYI Entertainment Presents..
Hello There Mr Punk! [Volume 2]

Ben's Bitches
Frequency Cannon
Cereal Box
Eclipse Of Saros
The Blumps
Less As Fair

Plus not forgetting great bands from the Lion City:
The Propellers
The Marilyns
Seven Sundays

Venue : Paul's Place, Jalan Klang Lama
Date : Saturday, 27 August 2005
Time : 3pm onwards
Entry : RM 12 and RM 8 for ROTTWAILERS!

Check out the flyers at -->

Come over and lets skankin together!

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SMK Seaport Pesta Ria
author: skyjuicecoffee posted: 11 Jul 2005 03:38 PM
SMK Seaport (currently known as SMK Sri Permata) in Petaling Jaya will be organizing a Pesta Ria Celebration and on that particular day there will be Battle Of The Bands event.

10 bands will compete to fight for the title and there will be 3 guest bands performing which are
Hocus Pocus (Opening)
Dragon Red (In Between)
skyjuicecoffee (Closing)

Function : Battle Of The Bands
Venue : SMK Seaport (SS5 Kelana Jaya)
Date : Sunday, 31st of July 2005
Time : 9am - 2pm

So lets skanking together with our brand new single and other bands great performances!

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Taylor's College Juniors Night!
author: skyjuicecoffee posted: 14 Apr 2005 12:26 PM
Taylor's College, School of Hospitality And Tourism, Petaling Jaya will be organizing an Orientation Night for the students of Batch 21.

Sky Juice Coffee will be performing 2-3 songs :

1. "Heartbreaker" from 4th demo.
2. "Losing Melody" from 5th demo which the demo is still under production!

*"Losing Melody" is one of our brand new songs which will be in our upcoming 5th demo!
*Other bands performing as we acknowledge are Infiltrated (Hardcore) and two bands from Taylor's College which is unknown!

Information regarding the event :

Function : TCHT Juniors Orientation Night
Date : Friday, 29 April 2005
Time : 7pm - 1am
Entry : All TCHT students and outsiders are most welcome to enjoy the event (Free Foods & Beverages are available before 8pm)
Dresscode : Bloody Red / Dark Black / Pure White
Venue : Taylor's College "Square", Leisure Commerce Square, Petaling Jaya (Near Sunway Pyramid and next to the Cabel Bridge)


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Punk Rawk Fest
author: skyjuicecoffee posted: 18 Feb 2005 11:04 PM

Torture Incident
The Kohoth
Fags And Stones
Sky Juice Coffee
Der Bucksters
Hanging Drop
Spunky Funggy
Authority Threat
Smell Feet

VENUE : Paul's Place, Jalan Klang Lama, Kuala Lumpur
TIME : 2pm until end (approximately at 9pm)
DATE : 26 Feb 2005 (Saturday)

If your need assistant, contact the organizer
RAN - 012-2436182
DR - 019-4988063
ROAZ - 0194491001


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New Year's Eve Bash!
author: skyjuicecoffee posted: 11 Dec 2004 01:24 PM
Chimera Production Brings you........!!!!

The only gig that tastes like chicken...

Celebrating the year of the C O C K 2005

The emcee: Mr. Mean Mother Farker
The special guest: Hyperdelics
(producer:Yogi B from Poetic Ammo)


Venue: Paul's Place in Old Klang Road. (Opposite road of Pearl Hotel, behind ASOKA kafe)
Time : 6 pm onwards
Date : 31st December 2004
Ticket price: RM10 for the first 50 and then RM12 onwards
Door gifts: CONDOMS!


Sky Juice Coffee
Brain Head
The Rogenz
360 Degree Head Rotation feat. 13 Voices In My Head
Wasted Shot
Ben's Bitches
XS Denied
Sick Society

For more information please HAUNT...

Ranveer Singh (Organising Chairman)
Tel: 019-2571298

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Thanx Brother Rom of ROTTW!
author: skyjuicecoffee posted: 21 Nov 2004 05:47 PM
Amazingly on the 14th of October 2004, our No.5 Track “Semalam” from our 3rd demo album was being broadcast from the same favorite radio station REDROTTW 104.9. We were very happy with our achievements of making the public blissful to hear all our songs! Tonnes of credits should be given to Brother Rom of ROTTW Magazine for making our thoughts as a magnificent reality.

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