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Where's Joni
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Hello there everybody.....

Well for introduction this is "Where's Joni"... well for everyband has it's beginning this is our story:

First it all started when Cooper (who just started college in HELP) and Joni (the Indon dude whos has been studying in HELP) meet together on a basketball court to play some hoops for the evening. As Joni and Cooper being easy going and quite friendly chaps by nature, they became quick friends

The next eventful event was when Cooper and Joni found out they have another similiar interest other then basketball as in one's a drummer and the other a guitarist. All this happened on a faithful afternoon during a break between classes loittering around the college's endless corridors.

A long story short, they decided to jam for fun as in as a band but in other to do this they need a guitarist and a bassist and it seemed as if fate had takken care of this predicament. Earlier on in college Cooper had met Alif who played bass consistently as his instrument of choice and pulled him in for the project. On Joni's side, he has been playing together with his fellow countryman, Zaid on more than a few occasions throughout his stay in Malaysia and by default pulled him in the project as the lead guitarist.

What was strange is what happened in that first jam session in Uptown. Despite the diverse backgrounds (culturally and musical terms) and the 'stereotypes' we throw at each other secretly, that free jam session turned out quite well to all the members surprise as everything slipped into place in perfect harmony. Well maybe not so perfect but good enough to know something special or perceived as being special was there.

So again on fast forward Joni, Zaid, Alif and Cooper decided to stick around and developed original materials and also did small gigs (mostly college based) and a battle of the band (didn't do that well). In retrospective everybody knew there was something in the band but there's still something missing (actually we knew what was missing which is the vocals but in the spirit to make this more dramatic just say we don't know)

Call it faith or luck or maybe a bit of both Audrey accidently came into the picture. Audrey was living in an apartment unit near Joni's and was in need of a band to back her up in the first french festival that would be held soon. So with the help of her house mate Fan Li (forgive me if i spelt wrongly...maaf!) Audrey and Joni got introduce. Audrey although comming for an R&B background has fitted herself ever so nicely in that empty niche of the band and needless to say the rest of the member were more than happy to welcome her as a part of the band and henceforth the 'Where's Joni' is born: a shredder + contemporary drummer + pop/jazz guitarist + metal influenced bassist + R&B as background vocals = Where's Joni.

In case some might have been wondering where did the name came about is best to end this little essay composition with it. In the early days of the band everytime we plan or sometimes wanting to go for a practice or jam sessions Zaid, Alif and Cooper will not fail to utter 'Where is Joni?' as he is always missing, nowhere to be found or just late. Since the question of 'where is Joni?' is almost synonymous with jam session it sort of made itself to be the band name.

as parting words thanks for spending your time on to getting to know us through this little webspace in i-bands and we can sincerely say we are highly appreciative of it so again thank you