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Discography of the Sky Juice Coffee

1st Demo - II

1. Story Of Mine
2. Paradise
3. Blind Tokara
4. Story Of Mine (Acoustic Version)

2nd Demo - Pheaw

1. Remembrance (Intro)
2. Boneka
3. Survive
4. Goodbye
5. Just For You
6. Myself Again
7. Away
8. Boneka (Acoustic Version)

3rd Demo - Sky Juice Coffee (Self-Titled)

1. Simply You (Intro)
2. Stuck On You
3. Senandung
4. Selamanya
5. Semalam
6. Stuck On You (Ruff-Edit)

4th Demo - Instant Pleasure

1. Fell In Love
2. Start Again
3. Something New
4. Heartbreaker
5. Belaian Jiwa (Punk Rock Version)

5th Demo - Instant Pleasure Extra Edition

1. Losing Melody
2. Soreness Sorrow
3. Heartbreaker (Altered Version)

Unreleased Tracks

1. Idiotic Game
2. Waits of Never Tomorrow
3. Selamanya (Altered Version)

p/s : Sky Juice Coffee Is So Tasty!